12 / 02 2019

Labor – salary, insurance, union support

A . Labor – Salary

  • Composing Employment Letter/ Employment Contract/ Probation Agreement, etc.
  • Composing Job Termination Agreement/ Job Termination Letter
  • Composing Use of Labor Report/ Employment Change Report/ Employment Report by Term
  • Composing/ Registering Salary Table/ Labor Policy/ Group Labor Agreement
  • Calculating Salary

B. Social Insurance

  • Social Insurance/ Health Care Registration, Social Insurance Fee Adjustment Report
  • Composing/ Turning in Request for Sickness Benefits, Child Care Benefits/ Subsidies
  • Health Care/ Health Insurance Extension
  • Insurance Calculation
  • Insurance Finalizing

C. Union

  • Supporting documents for Labor – Union Establishment/ Confirmation of Ineligibility to Establish Labor Union
  • Calculating Labor Union Expense


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