Golden Span serves as a bridge that connects businesses closer together, helping them overcome language barriers, limitations in accessing information about policies, regulations, labor laws, salaries, taxes, accounting, investments in Vietnam, with the aim of optimizing production and business operations.

With a dedicated team of enthusiastic, dynamic, and professional experts and staff members boasting years of experience, we believe that Golden Span will be a reliable cornerstone, a bridge that connects success for businesses.

Many customers choose us as a golden bridge for them to confidently stride forward for a reason. Our company is a unique and unparalleled business partner for customers. We don’t just exist as a company that can provide comprehensive support to customers from the moment of establishment to providing services in accounting, legal, taxes, and labor. We can also achieve the following three points:

  • Firstly, I have built a network of relationships in Vietnam through over 12 years of experience, primarily assisting Japanese companies. This network includes not only lawyers and accountants but also other companies in the same industry. Additionally, we have established connections with various government agencies. We are well-acquainted with all the human resources sources that Japanese companies particularly require. As a result, customers can maximize profits with an average cost structure at the local level.
  • Secondly, leveraging this network of connected relationships, we are facilitating our customers seamlessly after investment promotion by managing all administrative tasks, accounting, taxes, and labor matters. Therefore, entrust the burdens to us, with our one-stop policy, you can save both time and unnecessary costs. Moreover, our ability to communicate effectively in English and Japanese is another strong point of our company.
  • Thirdly, we believe that building a trusting relationship is one of the crucial factors in business. Therefore, our company always listens to the thoughts of our customers, not only as a service provider but also as a social connection. This approach allows us to comprehend your difficulties and concerns, enabling us to provide timely and precise support that brings you assurance and satisfaction.

Based on the aforementioned points, we can materialize a Golden Spans.

In particular, we are committed to providing support services for foreign companies, not just by training employees through learning from the high-quality services and corporate culture of foreign countries, but also by believing that this will contribute to the future development of Vietnamese society. We will always approach our customers with a learning attitude.

With insights drawn from the traditional business culture of Japan:

“Good for the customer, good for society, good for self” is our business philosophy.

The goal of our company is to translate this philosophy into practice through our business endeavors.

Let’s work together to turn business into success in Vietnam!

From there, we can establish a solid trajectory.

General Director – Bui Kim Kieu

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